The question of God now has a literal and testable proof for faith??

How many times throughout History have similar justifications been pontificated? Uncountable, no doubt. Now more cleverly presented? Possibly. After all, human cleverness/manipulation does evolve. Take note of the admitted; 'interpretation' of human generated texts, justification (not necessary truth is evident), synthesis, metaphorically, etc.

What is the import of striving to prove what human capability is not able too? Why do humans insist them are more capable than they are? Imaginations? More likely, our inherent insecurity stimulating the 'need' to create boundaries we are comfortable with, i.e. creationism vs. evolution, religious conviction vs. spirituality, inflated pride vs. patient humbleness. Why 'act' as if we have 100% access to our encephalon as the center of thought, understanding, etc.; mind; intellect?

Humans will sincerely be in awe of Omnipotence, the dimensional plane (we refer to as) the Universe, and possibly beyond, when we accept our incompleteness and concentrate towards being 'human becomings' vs. prideful, needy beings.

What is interesting, unfortunately, is how a tragedy or 'loss' in one's life can 'slap' one into being more humble with their circumstances, yet we struggle to make the choice to do so, when all is "right" in one's "world."

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