The Pulse

District Administration unveiled what looks to be a very interesting new resource last Friday.

Like the Ed-Tech Insiders at eSchoolNews and the TechLearning bloggers, The Pulse is an online area where many leading and provocative education thinkers will post their thoughts on various issues and actively encourage interaction and debate. Here's just a few of the folks they have lined up:

  • Susan Ohanian
  • Alfie Kohn
  • James Popham
  • David Thornburg
  • There are a bunch of other folks not listed above, so there should be a little something for everybody.

    The contributors don't appear to be holding back any. For example, the title of Gary Stager's initial post is BS and the Art of Crap Detection. Of course I was attracted to this post by Linda Polin: Legislate This: Integrating Technology into School Administration!

    The Pulse has a RSS feed for those of you using aggregators. See you in the discussion boards!

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