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Here’s an environmentally friendly way to get your caffeine fix

Sample Melbourne's best coffee without leaving an ecological footprint.
Key Takeaways
  • The massive increase in single-use coffee pods has led to an environmental catastrophe.
  • Plastic pods are notorious for their inability to break down in landfills.
  • Thankfully, a new wave of eco-friendly compostable pods is coming to the market.

Between 2005 and 2018, the coffee pod market grew from less than 1 percent of American users to over 41 percent. The trade-off for a quickly brewed and easy-to-clean espresso is the single-use, non-recyclable plastic each serving comes packaged in. While some companies have tried self-monitoring by offering their own recycling programs, most just languish in landfills.

Pod & Parcel decided to do something about this horrible trend. In 2016, it set out with one goal in mind: To offer the most sustainable, best-tasting coffee pod in Australia. Today, the company sources six of Melbourne’s specialty-grade Arabica flavors, using environmentally friendly pods that break down in 90 days after use. The pods’ plant-based materials are responsibly sourced and chemical-free, adding an extra layer of guilt-free goodness to your daily java fix. And yes, you can buy them in America, too.

Pod & Parcel has been featured in The Guardian, Time Out, Yahoo!, In Style, and The Sydney Morning Herald, and even had a stint on Shark Tank. It’s also accumulated over 4,000 verified five-star reviews. As one fan says, “The pods were easy to order and arrived in a timely fashion. I am working my way through the sample pack to find my favorite. Coffee without guilt.”

By the way, these pods work with most Nespresso® OriginalLine machines, although they are not affiliated with Nespresso® in any way.

Right now you can purchase a 60-capsule mix of Pod & Parcel pods for only $39.99, a 14% discount off the manufacturer’s price. Your taste buds, as well as the planet, will thank you.

Price subject to change.

Pod & Parcel Compostable Coffee Pods: Sample Pack – $39.99

Feel Good About Your Coffee

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