The Only Constant Is Change, Until We Reach Perfection

It may sound cliche, but I find it to be very true.  Earth has changed since it's physical conception, you have changed since your physical conception, science constantly changes, yet for some reason Mainstream Religions don't change.  As long as planetary consciousness progress everything else shall progress as well.  Of course some things change for the worse, but it's just like physical evolution if something evolves in to something gnarly then it will just die off.

I feel that is our only way to come closer to the truth, and possibly attain the truth.  We should accept that we don't have the truth now, if we did then nothing would be wrong.  Therefore nothing is right right now.

So why would human evolution be the final point of evolution?  Why would anything right now be considered to be the way it should be?  We should accept the fact that we don't have the answers, but we must keep searching.  Where I stand right now, I am going with the ground root that the answer lies in infinity, now I must attain that infinite knowledge to achieve perfection.  Is anybody satisfied with where they are at right now?  I mean it is a great accomplishment to be a human and have such a great understanding of the universe, but there is much more to learn.  Of course the atheists look to find that infinite knowledge in science, but science is just the physical, we need to attain knowledge in the meta-physical as well right?

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