The New Family Structure

I have read a series of articles as of late that discusses the "phenomenon" of women choosing to have children out of "wedlock".  It does seem that women are truly exercising their reproductive rights and opting to have children without having a male partner involved. It seems to me that there are no boundaries left to prevent women from making the life they wish to have. They can plan careers, have families, not have families, whatever they choose. If I were a little cynical I would say that men are becoming less necessary within society. With the exception of their sperm (and perhaps companionship) men, as a gender, aren't really required for the health and welfare of modern society. Or are they? The questions I pose are these: Are men still a vital and valid contributor to our species and society? In light of current science and women's independence how do men fit into modern society and future society? What becomes of the children of women who choose other avenues of conception? How will they feel about themselves? How will they view men? Will there be a sense of identity loss because they only know one parent? How many children can one sperm donor "father"? Is this proof that women can exist without the assistance of men? Will this make men more irresponsible? Will this create a backlash? Will politicians finally give women the attention and assistance they need to raise the future? What is the ulitimate affect on the power struggle between the genders? I'd love to hear some thoughts.

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