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The Loss Generation of Journalist

I am very glad firstly to coin the phase " The darkest age of Journalism" in the world of United States. Indeed Scot McClellan the late but not least of the book " What Happened"’  vindicates my article published in Big Think!   John F. Kennedy once said "There is one force in American politics more powerful than money, influence or spin. Conscience!"  There is strong evidence to show that, since the this Government invaded Iraq in 2003, 99% of media, Journalist in America lost their Conscience and do not serve this country well. The worst, they cannot do their job as Lady Helen Thomas described as watch dog, but a lap dog to push this Country further to abyss. - A unnecessarily Iraq war, astronomical deficit, sky rocketed oil price and immense rate of foreclosure…etc. It is deserved as Mr. McClellan called that  the reporters as sin-enablers.   There are no young, innocent and hungry Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward anymore.   The whole generation lost, lost in the manipulation by Karl Rove, Dick Cheney. What a poor! Lot of media and Journalists now excuse the Patriotism pressure after 911 and the Boss of media keep their Conscience and independent thinking out. So, the reporters let the repeated propaganda of this Administration turned to truth. I wonder, is this America? The land of free, the home of brave? We lost our forefathers’ spirit, so weak America will become! Before the return of Hong Kong to China, in one of after meeting of the Red China strong man Deng siu-ping, the former UK Prime minister, Margaret Thatcher said, " Red China calls their army the People’s Liberation Army. Their hall, Great Hall of People.  In truth, Chinese People are no status in Communist leader’s mind! Only propaganda!"

The guys all the day call themselves  Patriotic Americans and wear Lapel in the chest, it certainly does not mean that they really love America. Look what this Adminstration have done to this country! Eight of ten Americans said this country is lead into wrong direction. When the Congress lost in direction too, we as common people depend on media, Journalists to right the wrong . Where have all the reporters gone? Pressure! Pressure! Why you choose your job as Reporter or Journalists if you cannot take the pressure- Especially, the cheap and lost conscience media Boss’ pressure, a pressure convenience!


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