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The Last Warrior, John McCain's Last calling and Gov. Sarah Palin

The Last Warrior, John McCain’s last calling and Gov. Sarah Palin: "We will win in Iraq war, even I lost this election, and we need to win, not a retreat!" The Vietnam syndrome haunted a lot Wiseman, scholars, old and new necons, generals and old soldiers. Especially John McCain, a former POW.  Hero should win his name and medals in war not in the "Hanoi Hilton Hotel"-a tortured prison camp!  Unfortunately McCain, the bravest McCain was the five-year in the prison camp McCain! I understand why McCain does not want to be General.  He wants to be President of United States America!  The POW history haunted him!A great possibility is that he wants to clear his POW humiliation. He is warrior!! Like his Grandfather, Father, a real warrior, heroes but never a POW! I respect Senator McCain. Unfortunately, this time McCain’s opponent is   Preacher Barack Obama (PBO)! PBO knows how to talk, talk like Martin Luther King, He can dance, he can preach! He can give you dream: Change! No one cares he can delivers real change or not! I like John! After the most suffered 8 yr under Mr. Bush’s Administration. Even the former necon Francis Fukuyama declared in Australia it is bad enough! Republican Party does not deserve 4 more years. The majority of Americans feel it, see it! You name it: the choice of the wrong Iraq war, the astronomical deficit- 9 trillion and more to come, recession economy, house bubble and heavy foreclosure, use taxpayer money to reward the wall-street risk taker in the name of too big to fall! Oh!! We never forget the name, Katrina, Katrina! The latest, Russia humiliates us in the Georgia incident. Putin knew we are in post and weak American era! Whose fault? Of course not John McCain’s. But McCain again has to be POW of Bush! I like John McCain, but not the major media guys in MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NYT, NBC, WASHTINGTON POST…. Including some  pundits in FOX AND WSJ.  Most of them made a lifetime of mistake, to support Mr. Bush’s Iraq war. Now they need to compensate their mistake, they favor Preacher Obama to save their sins- to sell their souls to Bush, Cheney and the high school kid named Karl Rove! "How stupid! I AM! Save me, feel me Preacher Obama! Please be our President!" Most the recent poll shows it is a closed race, however the major media guys and pundits do not agree, they thought this year is Democrat, POB year. After POB picked the seasoned and 36 yrs congressman, Joe Biden as his VP, they favor POB even more, some of the pundits may cry privately while POB delivers his acceptance speech in the 84000 people attended Invesco Field of Denver.  POB again used his preaching skill, promised to change health care, education, national policy, economy…. etc., you name it, you got it! However how to deliver them, remain to be seen and most of policies are too good to be true! Most pundits love it! The Harvard professor turns Pundits of CNN loved the speech very much too! Masterpieces! The attendees danced and cried! What a show! It was  bigger than John F Kennedy in the half –emptied seat in Los Angeles Memorial coliseum in 1960. The night of August 28, 2008. Preacher Obama became GOD in Denver!! Until the Last warrior of Vietnam, McCain picked a lady from no where, (The pundit said, not me! Lady Palin is very famous in Alaska!), named Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska on the date of Aug. 29! This pick first shows Sen McCain who has the quality to be the Commander in Chief of America! To my personal humble opinion, Gov. Palin is self-made legend from grass root. A common good bigger than Sen., Hillary. It is very hard for a female politician survived in the BIG BOYS CLUB in Alaska.  In the club,they have the ruthless and steely Uncle Ted, cunning and lofty Frank Murkowski and the more moneyed Tony Knowles. Gov Palin out played them with a reformed agenda and no- corrupted policies (at least until now!) A mother of five came from a grass root and humble family, no Yale and Harvard just Idaho University education. A small town mayor, then Governor, finally the Vice-president of the GOP! Gov. Palin deservers it.  If the less experienced and no executive experienced  Preacher Obama qualify to be a president! Gov Palin no way, no how not qualify to be a vice-president and just in case of The President of United States! Now the ball game is totally changed, POB has the good side McCained Joe Biden.   The former navy officer has the good side OBAMAED Palin! To my humble opinion, the race from now on is even and slightly favor to Sen. McCain.  It is because he uses a very breakthrough strategy, a female  and capable, a fresh Washington outsider turns VP to counter the Change of Preacher Obama and most importantly she may rally the 18 millions supporters of Sen. Hillary!  In Chinese military terms: to surprise your opponent and attacked his unprepared weak front! McCain almost out of anyone’s  expectation deploys Gov. Palin to the front of the battle, scaring the Democrat, choking the major media,  surprising his opponent, Preacher Obama at all! Congratulation! My dear Commander in Chief, John McCain! In choosing Gov. Palin, this  may bring McCain to White house! To me McCain and Palin at least have 51 to 52% chance to beat the 49 to 48% of Obama-Biden ticket in a statistical dead even race! 

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