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The Immortal Zone of Tiger Woods


 Forget Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Jones and  Ben Hogan, do not mention King Arnold please. After the 2008 US Open. Tiger Woods solidifies that he is the greatest golfer since golf invented. And Sir Woods (Knighted by this author) also the best professional golfer ever since professional golfer played in this world! Just ask  Jack and the inflated King Arnold! Do they ever have a Trifecta in a professional round as Sir Woods did in the 2008 US Open in the date of June, 14, 2008:  an incredible putt in 13th hole, a miracle chip in 17th hole and the unbelievable putt again in the 18th hole that paved the way for his Championship!  NO! Jack never did that, nor did King Arnold! I 100% guarantee Sir Woods’ trifecta golf -shots- clips will repeat in every Sport TV and in any US Open ever after. Why a limping Tiger can win 2008 US Open? Here is my personal humble opinion:
  1. Sir Woods has the Professional athlete trait, his Ma famous wording "..I do not forgive anybody….’’, and " Cut throat".  In the individual professional Golf ball game, you need  "cut -throat" your opponent with killer instinct. Ruthless and truth. Thanks Ma.
  2. Mentally tough, Sir Woods’ father, Mr. Earl Woods uses every psychological techniques and interventions to train his son at very early age. Now nearly every elite Professional Golfers has a sports psychologist added to their team. However, Sir Woods by far exploited the Sports Psy. the best. Thanks Pa.
  3. Physically tough, Sir Woods’ NFL running back body to indicate why John Daly falling down hard.  Sir Woods’s muscular body helps to offset his weak knee. Trainers help!
  4. Discipline and control, Sir Woods said, " he is a control freak!". Period.
  5. Mathematic mind, most of nowadays elite Golfers lack and Sir Woos excels.  Maths helps a lot! Golfers!

Sir Woods not only processes my five traits to be a great Golfer, did he excel them to from his immortal zone! Cool in risk, clam in risk, concentrate in risk, control in risk, mentally tough, physical fit and sound in Maths; when you show weakness, Sir Woods cut-throat you.


The other Golfers still in his dream to win Major, or indulge in history for one or two Majors. Sir Woods wants to make history again, and again with twice to refine his golfing. If needed, he may try the third time! What a Courageous Sir Woods!




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