The heaven of habbo

One day, I was reading the books about games, in the books there are so many similar games, I felt very boring. Suddenly, my eyes were attracted by a bright word: habbo china.

  I was wondering what the game is, so I kept on reading. As a rusult, it became more and more interesting and maverick. It put a system of Sims into the internet, I was very surprised with that. So I wrote down the website of habbo immediately, I could not wait any more to play it.

  When I got home, I log into the habbo, but to my disappointment, habbo china was not available at that time, I was anxious about that. I thought that why this good game could not play, I hoped to play the game as soon as possible.

  From that day, I opened competer and loged on the habbo site everyday, but I was always disappointed with that.

  One day, when I was disappointed again, I said to myself: even thought I could not play the game, why not I look around in the site and look for something to experience.

  But to my surprise, I found something good from my heart. I found a habbo of US with no intention. But the problem is my English is poor, can I be able to play in the zone of US? If I do not play in the US zone, I should wait, and I did not know how long I should wait. So I entered the US habbo barely.

  In the habbo US, there are people who speak English everywhere, my English is so poor that I could speak a whole sentence.

  But there is a well-intentioned people, he teaches me English, and help me in the game. We play the game together. Sometimes we have coffee and eat hamburger together.

  Since I do not familiar with with the game,my friend often use his habbo credits to buy habbo gold to me. He said to me that if I do not have habbo gold, I could call him, he would buy habbo gold for me, because he knows someone who sells cheap habbo credits, and he can use less money to buy more habbo coins. It is very kind of him.

  Now habbo china is opened, and I do not play in the US, but to my surprise, my friend come to habbo china with a lot of his friends, we still play together happily.

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