The god of Joshua

The book of Joshua is pretty much a book of god sanctioned and explicitly aided genocide. The Israelites cross the Jordan and wipe out the cities of Canaan and destroy the people of the plains. There are horrible scenes where men women and children are put to the sword or taken into slavery. Not only that but oxen and asses slain and the earth salted, the various kings are humiliated and then hung on trees to rot. The land is raped and pillaged on the instructions and with the direct aid of god.  This can be justified (and has been); the Israelites are the tool of gods vengeance for some unspecified sin or some such. However just think what committing this act of genocide must have done to the minds of the men that did it. Imagine being part of that slaughter. He could have just laid waste to the land and left it clean for the Israelites and conducted the punishment himself with a natural disaster or some such, but instead he turned men into tools of genocide. This is difficult to reconcile with any kind of loving god as he is described in the gospels. Are the Christians out there comfortable with this god?     

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