The elephant in the room

In the problems of the modern world we tend from time to time to focus on certain issues that effect us all.  The most current one is global warming or climate change if you prefer.  It suddenly becomes politically correct to be environmentally friendly and even the hard liners against it have softened as they see the awareness of the issue climb.

But there is a root cause that will never be popular.  It simply can't be in fact (I'll explain why, but I think the answer will become obvious).  But this issue is one that is not only critical to our  survival but underlies most of our problems yet is continually swept under the rug.


It's at the root of a lot of our problems now and will in fact, create a global crisis in the not too distant future as resources become more scarce.

So why not deal with it?  Well... there are a few problems.  The first is, it isn't popular nor ever will be because it means halting our numbers which is something that goes against the very essence of every living thing.   In fact, the way we have dealt with it in the past was to divide the problem up into Us and Them.  In this way, we could kill them and let us grow.  But soon Us again became too many, so there would have to be a further break of Us and Them etc... This actually is one way of dealing with it...but not a very satisfactory one even if you are on the Us side.

The good news... the overpopulation problem will be solved.  The bad news... It probably won't be very pleasant at all.  When it comes down to it.  We have the choice, as a planet with an awareness of the problem we can deal with it where every person on earth has a decent and fulfilled life or we can continue on the way we always have and continue needless suffering.  

Everything else is but an offshoot of this vital problem. And the elephant is getting larger! 

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