The Economy is Killing Your Sex Life

An exclusive Daily Beast Valentine's pole shows that the economy is taking its toll in American bedrooms. Sex is down, babies are out of the question, and how much money you have determines how much action you get.

"Americans’ romantic lives are undergoing a meltdown of their own," according to the poll. This means, Americans are less likely to go on dates and they spend less when they do. Arguments are up. And 12 percent of respondants aren't even bothering to buy Valentine's Day gifts.

The poll highlights all sorts of other dismal numbers. "Although nearly half of Americans believe that sex helps them take their mind off of their problems, the economic crisis has not piqued much interest in one of the world’s least-expensive activities," according to the Daily Beast.

And money can buy you love. "For people making less than $75,000, things look bleak," the poll reveals. "They are more pessimistic about the future, more likely to feel a negative impact on their relationships, and more likely to argue about both money and sex. Not surprisingly, that translates pretty directly to the bedroom: Americans who make less than $75,000 plan to have less sex—and even look at less sexual material—in 2009."

Click Here to See the Results of the Poll.

And here's a clip from Big Think sexpert Rachel Resnick on the virtues of abstenance. That should cheer you up.

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