The Dawning of The Social Age

I believe that we are entering a new era of human development that I'd like to coin "The Social Age".

The Social Age, like the Information Age and the Industrial Age before it, is an historic period characterized by a distinctive feature. The Industrial Age moved society away from agrarian cultures toward manufacturing, particularly large-scale, energy-saving machinery. The Information Age showed us that economies could exist beyond trade in physical product through the increased production, transmission, consumption of and reliance on information.

The Social Age might be characterized by the incorporation of social values into everything we do – work, play, live. My blog is about exploring this concept.

I strive to investigate what this Social Age could be. Its economics, its possibilities, its actual existence. I wonder if we actually on the verge of its emergence and what is happening in society to make this occur now. I want to know what we can do to accelerate its progress and how we can prevent its demise.

I don’t know the answer to any of these questions. What I do know is that so much of what is happening in society that is having us refocus on values like community care, tribal interdependence and public good.

I wonder if it is possible that we are heading toward a world where we care for each other, clean up our own mess, and take care of our parents WHILE prospering as a global society!

Perhaps in this high-technology, information-overloaded mechanized world, we are beginning to find our natural balance at last. More and more, people are wanting to receive both money and meaning from their jobs, wanting to contribute to the global community and wanting to live on a vibrant and sustainable planet where children everywhere have clean water and enough food to eat.

I’m going to observe for a while. And I invite you to do so with me. Feel free to comment or suggest a topic you’d like to see explored (you can send me ideas at susanne at the social age dot com).

Enjoy. Or disagree. Or just do something. Every little bit counts!

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