The answers to every problems in the world are in the NATURAL LAWS

I wont be exhaustive on this subject since i m trying to make a book about it, but i wish to beginn to spread my thought here because it can touch reasonable and openminded people , and because i dont speak english very well (as you all know, french people are not very at ease with foreign languages;), sorry in advance for my bad english...

 Here is the main subject : for every problem in the world is an answer (or more), and for every thing in the world, natural law is always the best.

Why ? just because Nature has billions of years of evolution and is, since that time, the best thing/being capable of adaptability, so is, in few words, the smartest thing in the world...and we human would like to dream we are smarter than (Mother) Nature...what a funny idea!

 This idea i try to develop here is , that human make things with a small vision of their environnment, making global and locals laws without merging them, and without thinking into the future and the globality of the SYSTEM, the world.  This way of thinking is just the problem we will face during this century, trying to increase benefits for our own profit, without thinking of a global balance of things (humans, environnment, ressources, distribution of goods, responsability, rights and duties, and community ...)

Nature make things in just one way! survival and development, growth and adaptability, evolution...We think and do things in personal interests, short time periods, selfishness and capitalism. I dont say communism is better, capitalism is what we are, what we come from, but we could do it in a perfect way like Nature could teach us.

But i dont want to enter in an economical theory, or any market analyse. If i defend the LAWS of NATURE, its just because, if a thing is done in the same way the Nature did it, it will always lead to a very stable and durable balance, where both causes and consequences meet for a logical rendez-vous.

Let's come to the main point ! Nature shows us some secret laws everyday but we seem to not be able to perceive those laws, or may be we are too busy to make sure we will get our new sport car this year. And each law could resolve some problems we face each day in societies.

One stupid exemple : speaking about cars ; how could we decrease the number of deadly accidents every year in all the worlds following the laws of nature ?

Simply. Do you ever have heard about an animal running too fast for his body resistance, and capable of dying beacause he went too fast ? i didnt personnally ... So what about loosing some of our speed in cars and make them sure for any drivers or walkers in the street? why can t we simply follow this law : YOU WONT CREATE THINGS CAPABLE OF GIVING DEATH ? why not create a 30kmh (40-50mph) car for everyone ? IF you drive a car with that speed, how could you be killed in a carcrash? the human body has a natural resistance to survive to some little shocks, when you fall from 1meter high, you dont die, when you fall from 100m high you surely die! the difference is the same with car's speed. why drive a 300mph car since you can die easily in an accident? the human speed running, must be something like 30kmh(our 40-50mph), have you ever heard about someone dying while running? i saw sme videos where a guy ran at medium speed and hurt himself with a tree he didn't see..he didnt die, that's simple...

i told you this exemple was stupid ^^ but i cant give you the bests exemples i have to show you the power of the laws of nature.

The only thing i want you to understand in this idea, is that we do things in a wrong way, as nature do them in a very logical and absolute way that protect and allow the best to her creations, it may be plants, animals,or humans...

You wont be surprised to see that every great discover or invention is a copy from a natural system or model...but instead of copying this thing in nature, why dont we just copy her LAWS and apply them to everything?

 Thank you for reading this, i hope you were all aware of that idea, but if you were not, i hope it could help you to understand things better, and to act 'naturally'. And since the Nature is the best balanced system in the world, why dont you create logical systems where one only law reigns, the NATURAL LAWS ;) 

ps: i need printers or credits to write my book, or advice of specialists, philosophers or scientists, botanits,etc to find all the natural laws. i think there are only a few main laws to discover to find every single sub-laws that results of it. I actulaly still look ofr more laws, but i have a lot of them, but find the last ones to finish my book.

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