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Welding: a Useful Skill That’s Not Too Difficult to Learn

DIY welding equipment and access to basic lessons are becoming widely available to the layperson. Basic household repairs and projects have never been easier.

As Roy Berendsohn and Mike Cunningham write over at Popular Mechanics, welding is really hot right now — and in more ways than one. Advances in consumer technology have made welding equipment both economical and easy to use. While you aren’t going to be building any Brooklyn Bridges in your garage, simple tasks, artistic projects, and repairs of household items are within the grasp of the humble beginner. Berendsohn and Cunningham’s mini-guide offers a glimpse into all realms of possibility. You just have to be patient with Popular Mechanics‘ dreadful article/slideshow interface. There’s good content in there if you can overlook the package it’s wrapped in.

Reading the piece reminded me of the semi-recent Big Think interview featuring TechShop CEO Mark Hatch (embedded below). Hatch mused on the rise of the maker movement while explaining how his company’s many locations across the United States give independent inventors access to the latest technologies capable of bringing their dreams to life. There was once a time when it was unthinkable that you could create a high-tech prototype in one simple location. Now all you need is some basic equipment like the aforementioned welding gear, a computer with design programming, maybe a 3D printer or similar device, and the ability to search out lessons on the web. Boom, you’re a DIY master. It’s never been easier.

Read more at Popular Mechanics.

Photo credit: benjamas154 / Shutterstock


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