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Turn Rejection into Success

Marketing professional Geoffrey James reminds business hopefuls that rejection is only a moment in time. Fearing rejection, however, can hold your business back for years.

What’s the Latest Development?

It’s not so much rejection that hurts our morale but our fear of rejection, says marketing professional Geoffrey James. If your business proposal (or any other proposal) is rejected, remember that the other person’s act of rejection has nothing to do with you. Anyone would have received the same reaction. It’s important, as well, to understand the source of rejection’s sting: Do you feel bad because you have an emotional attachment to the person rejecting you? Does rejection make you feel smaller than you really are?

What’s the Big Idea?

Not surprisingly, your own perspective will determine a lot about how you feel after being rejected, which is an inevitable consequence of doing business and of living. James says there are clear steps you can take to change the beliefs that create your fear. Above all, don’t take things personally: “In the end, only four things are under your control: your beliefs, your attitude, your emotions and your actions. If you take care of them, good results are inevitable.”


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