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To Combat Recession, Denny’s Targets Drunken Punks

The destination par excellence for gut-busting dinners and slippery morning-after scrambles has needed to refoot for difficult times. Denny’s found the needed salvation for their afterhours business model in the habits one of their more historically loyal demographics: broke kids.

Thus was launched Denny’s All Nighter to attract hungry masses of the under-24 set who are no longer able to shell out for clubs or movies. The concept centers around “adopting” touring bands who, for up to three months, can eat for free and play all-ages acoustic sets at Denny’s franchises, assuming they bring their fans with them. Taking Back Sunday, Hey Monday and The Maine have all been issued Denny’s meal tickets.

Though their budgets may be thin, their numbers are great. A recent appearance by Take The Crown at an Anaheim-area Denny’s attracted many rambunctious fans:

“With the number of employed workers ages 16-24 declining by two million in the past two years due to the economy, Denny’s offer the ideal location for affordable casual dining with friends following a concert, movie or any other late night festivity,” read a statement from the company.

Denny’s All Nighter leverages social media to its advantage by putting together band videos, tour schedules, a blog and music player to get the All-Nighter message out from the Denny’s corporate website.

With an influx of hungry kids came the need to retool the afterhours menu. There’s a new value meal that sounds straight out of Yo La Tengo’s early work–Half Moon Over My Hammy. The latter dish is described as “layer of ham topped with eggs between Swiss and American cheese on sourdough, then grilled to a golden brown.” It should help in any recovery, recessionary or otherwise.


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