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Tips for Being a Groundbreaking Thinker

Everyone has ideas; it’s how you execute them that will get you noticed. Ghost writer Jeff Haden has observed the world’s greatest businessmen up close. Here are his tips. 

What’s the Latest Development?

Jeff Haden worked his way into the publishing world while driving a forklift at a book factory. He has since ghostwritten the accounts of the some of the nation’s most brilliant minds. Here he divulges five tips he’s seen great men and women use. “You must start with show, not tell. Everyone has ideas.Ideas are cheap. Talk is even cheaper. We listen to leading thinkers because their ideas have been validated by success.” Visionaries must first find a platform from which they can spread their idea. 

What’s the Big Idea?

Perhaps one of the most challenging tips Haden has to offer is that if everyone agrees with your new idea, you’re already preaching to the choir. “Most of us follow basic business principles. How we apply those principles may be (slightly) different because each of us is unique…but not really. To be a groundbreaker you must take a very different approach, and that means many people will disagree with your thinking even after you’ve proven you’re right. See push back as a sign you may really be on to something.”

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