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Telecommuting Is Taking Over Whether You Like It Or Not

A new study says that more and more companies are changing their environments to make it easier for their employees to work offsite.

Article written by guest writer Kecia Lynn

What’s the Latest Development?

A new survey done by mobile tech company Citrix Systems suggests that telecommuting, once looked upon with skepticism, is becoming more accepted, and companies are demonstrating that acceptance by designing their workplaces so that more of their employees can work remotely. The survey involved almost 2000 “senior IT decision-makers” in 19 countries. Among one of many notable statistics: “83% of companies plan to allow employees to bring their own digital devices to and from work instead of relying on desktops, with most or all of the costs being covered by the companies themselves.

What’s the Big Idea?

Working remotely is proving to be good not just for workers themselves, but for businesses and the environment. “[M]ore people working from home means fewer car trips, and fewer people in the office allows companies to scale down to smaller spaces that use fewer resources.” Citrix VP Kim DeCarlis says that while younger people are more used to being able to work from anywhere, a lot of people regardless of age are interested in doing it: “Maybe they live an hour from the office, have small kids at home, or simply work better in distraction-free environments.”

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