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Startups Change the Music Industry

"How, and The Vynyl Factory are staging a musical revolution." The Telegraph reports on three Internet startups that are working to change the music industry.

“Branded T-shirts have long been a source of income for bands. But while big acts can buy in bulk and sell at staggering margins, aspiring bands often end up with boxes of unwanted T-shirts. Cardiff-based aims to level the playing field. For no cash outlay, bands can create an online shop, upload their T-shirt and hoodie designs and then spread the word. The clothing is printed-on-demand so no stock is held and the bands receive 25pc of the £12.99 price. Launched just under a year ago, Dizzyjam has several hundred band shops and 3,500 products. Its plan now is to find print partners overseas, so that the company no longer needs to fulfil all orders from the U.K.”


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