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More Bank Failures

Seven more banks have been closed by regulators as mortgage lenders suffer plummeting real-estate prices that will likely cause more banks to close in the future.

“Seven U.S. banks were seized by regulators, bringing this year’s total of failed lenders to 140 as financial companies are tested by the recession and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. anticipates more shutdowns. Banks with $14.4 billion in total assets were closed yesterday in six U.S. states, the FDIC said in statements on its Web site. The agency is overseeing the dissolution of banks at the fastest pace in 17 years. Two of the closures were in California. Earlier this week, the FDIC boosted its 2010 budget by 56 percent to $4 billion to manage further shutdowns. The total budget will increase from $2.6 billion and the set-aside for bank failures doubles to $2.5 billion over this year, according to a proposal approved by the FDIC board. The agency staff will increase to 8,653 next year from 7,010 this year.”

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Ahead of proposed financial regulation legislation from the Senate, regulators are on pace to close more delinquent banks this year than in 2009 following Friday’s closure of seven banks in five different states which brings this year’s total to 37.

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