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Modernizing Online Classifieds

Why and how online ad sites need to catch up in terms of aesthetics and usability. They should integrate social recommendations and filter the chaos, for starters.

In comparison to the rest of the web’s social heavyweights, Craigslist hasn’t aged all that well, both in terms of aesthetics and usability, Reg DesRosiers concludes. “”Obviously what we think of as the ‘Internet’ has changed a lot in the last 16 years since Craigslist was first launched. Even if a site looks straight out of 1995, it should incorporate the web values of 2011. Here are the five characteristics that the next ecommerce powerhouse should offer the modern web user. 1. It Should Be Personalized, 2. It Should Integrate Social Recommendations, 3. Search and Organization Should Be Smarter, 4. Your Ad Should Not Be a Message in a Bottle, 5. Filter the Chaos.”


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