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Looking For a Raise? Don’t Be Timid. Ask!

Less than half of American workers ask for pay raises. As Kate Ashford of Forbes explains, the key is resisting the stigma associated with talking about money in the workplace.

What’s the Latest?

Have you ever wanted a raise enough to ask for it? On the surface, that may sound like a silly question. But according to Kate Ashford at Forbes, often the biggest obstacle between a worker and a raise is an unwillingness to be assertive and ask. She cites a pair of different studies that indicate: 1) about 2/3 of employees who ask for a pay raise get it and 2) over 50% of workers don’t ask at all. Those stats are indicative of several interesting social trends related to harbored fears with regard to talking about money.

What’s the Big Idea?

A co-worker who had previously supervised college students working part-time recently told me that 9 in 10 of the young people she interviewed neglected to ask what she felt was a hugely important question: “How much will I be making?” It’s evident there exists a sort of cultural stigma related to discussing personal finance in the workplace. But positioning yourself for success requires shedding those apprehensions. Whether it’s in asking for a raise or negotiating your salary, be bold and be tactful. A diplomatic meeting with your boss may or may not end in an uptick in your pay, but a well-strategized approach can only do you good in the long run.

In her article, Ashford offers suggestions about the timing and tactics of a pay raise request. Give her article (linked below) a read and let us know what you think.

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