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JetBlue Rethinks Airport Check-Ins

The innovative airline introduces, automatic check-in designed to reduce wait times and ease traveler’s pre-flight routines.

What’s the Latest?

JetBlue oozes innovation. The airline made its name in the early part of this century by offering a world-class flight experience at a budget-friendly price. It played a significant role in modernizing in-flight entertainment and even experimented with putting a farmer’s market in one of its terminals. Part of the airline’s appeal is its insistence in putting new ideas into practice. Their latest? Automatic check-in. It’s an idea JetBlue hopes will boost its appeal to travelers yearning the easiest possible airline experience.

What’s the Big Idea?

The official JetBlue release explains that travelers want to focus on their pre-flight preparation in the days leading up to their trip. Having to log on to a computer and manually check-in just provides an additional hurdle in an already arduous process. With the new system, eligible passengers will automatically have their boarding passes e-mailed to them 24 hours in advance. JetBlue hopes the new policy will help passengers and the airline identify reservation errors or special needs requests ahead of a passenger’s arrival at the airport. 

Perhaps more importantly for the typical JetBlue passenger, this should eventually reduce wait times in the queue. We all know how frustrating that can be…

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