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If An Electric Car And A Motorcycle Had A Baby

It might look like the C-1, a fully-electric and fully-encased two-wheel vehicle being developed by a small San Francisco startup.

Article written by guest writer Kecia Lynn

What’s the Latest Development?

Lit Motors, a 10-person startup based in San Francisco, is producing an electric vehicle called the C-1 that combines the best features of motorcycles and cars. It’s a two-wheeler that’s enclosed in a metal shell and operates with a steering wheel and foot pedals. It stays upright, even when stopped or struck by a car, thanks to two big gyroscopes under the seat. On a full charge it can travel 200 miles, and its top speed is 120 miles per hour.

What’s the Big Idea?

Electric vehicles that are convenient and easy to use have been a goal for some time now but several barriers have prevented them from coming to market, including expensive batteries, which drive up the price. In the case of the C-1, there’s also the challenge of getting enough funding and convincing customers to purchase something they’ve never tried before. Lit Motors’ chief marketing officer says that the C-1 will be targeted towards older motorcyclists and younger urban and suburban commuters, the latter of which might be the group most motivated to serve as first consumers. The company hopes to start rollout in 2014.

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