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Go Digital Now, Canada

Canadian Senator Dennis Dawson urges his country to create a digital society, stressing this is much more than just a digital economy and integrates all social spheres, including health.

Canadian Senator Dennis Dawson on his country joining the digital age: “Creating a digital society will be key in the competitiveness of nations in the upcoming years. It is important to note here that the wording ‘digital society’ is broader than ‘digital economy.’ A digital society integrates all social spheres, such as the health sector. Just two weeks ago, I met with representatives of the Canadian Medical Association. Canada ranks amongst one of the last OECD countries in terms of digital medical files and computers in hospitals. While we are waiting for a digital plan here, the world is moving forward.”

This essay describes a model for urban development that takes into account and makes use of the externalities that exist in the built environment. Buildings and the people that inhabitat them makes neighborhoods and vice versa the value of a building is in its locations. How can better frame this relationship between an object and its environment? How can develop strategies for a integral area development that learn from the best global examples?

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