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Gesture Control Tech To Be Bundled Into PCs

The feature will be included in higher-end Asus models beginning in early 2013, around the same time Leap Motion, the company behind the technology, is also releasing its standalone device.

What’s the Latest Development?

Leap Motion, which has received a lot of attention for its gesture-recognition technology, has partnered with Taiwan-based Asus Computers to bundle its sensors and software into some of the company’s higher-end PCs and laptops. The first of these should appear on store shelves in the next few months along with Leap Motion’s standalone device, which also allows computers to recognize swipes, grabs, and other hand motions. The software on the Asus machines is designed to work with Windows 8, which already contains the ability to recognize gestures.

What’s the Big Idea?

Leap Motion’s CEO Michael Buckwald says that having the backing of a major computer manufacturer has many benefits: “They, like us, believe this will revolutionize interaction on the PC platform.” Besides exposing more customers to the technology, developers should have more confidence in adding gestural controls to their programs. To that end, the company will operate an online store where Leap Motion-enabled software can be both bought and sold. Buckwald says the functionality can even work for tablets and smartphones, using smaller sensors.

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