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Feng Shui Will

The dispute over the will of one of Asia’s wealthiest women, Nina Wang, was found in favor of her family’s charitable foundation despite her feng shui expert lover claiming a stake.

“The practice of feng shui figured prominently in the fight over the estate of one of Asia’s wealthiest women, Nina Wang. Her lover and feng shui adviser, Tony Chan, said a 2006 will she allegedly signed, left her estate to him. Her family’s Chinachem Charitable Foundation, claimed that will was a feng shui will, and that the valid will was one from 2002 that left her estate to the foundation. A judge ruled Tuesday in favor of the foundation. From an interview with Chinachem Charitable Foundation lawyer, Keith M. K. Ho: Ho: ‘Well it is part of our case that she believed in feng shui. And apart from making a feng shui will, Mr. Tony Chan also arranged holes to be dug in a number of developments…Very huge ones okay, as big as maybe three meters by diameter, and dug in the ground, near the property developments of Chinachem, and in those holes they put in feng shui things. Like paper, like coins, some wooden things, all related to feng shui. And a number of holes were dug for, we say, for feng shui purposes. And at trial, the holes, the things put into the holes, were retrieved and produced to the court at the time, so we say this is good evidence to show to the court that feng shui is something that Nina believed in, when she was alive.’”


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