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Dating Websites for Love-Seeking Philosophy Buffs

Valentines Day is fast approaching, Praxis readers, and you don’t want to be caught without a date. With Internet romance sites catering to virtually every interest Christian Mingle for New Testament followers (“Find God’s match for you”), Red State Date for Republicans (“Find your Running Mate”), Geek 2 Geek for, yes, adorable nerds (“Find your Geek Match”)  you’d think there would be something for philosophy fans. Well, there is, but the pickings are extremely limited. If you’re a devotee of the greed-preaching Tea Party inspiration known as Ayn Rand, and you think total self-reliance is compatible with romance, you are in luck.

But what if your taste in philosophers, and lovers, runs less libertarian?

Here are some sites that might help fill the void. (Please add your proposals for more in the comments below.)

“Maximizing the romantic potential of the least desirable Americans since 1971”

“Where masters and slaves find each other and eternal bliss”

“We tell you whom to marry; you shut up and obey”


“Nailing together bodies and souls for short stints of meaninglessness”

“Unrequited lovers of the world, unite!”

“Spice up your vita activa”

“Where dialectical love triangles are a reality”

“Leave your ‘gender’ at the door”

“Chastity can wait”

“Generate hot grammar with like-tongued lovers”

“Discipline and/or punish”

“Bringing intersubjectivity to the next level at coffee houses and other fora for discourse in the public sphere”

“Love is what you make it”


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