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Danish Company Creates 3D Printer Gun-Blocking Software

Create It Real, which also manufactures 3D printer components, says its software -- which currently only works on its hardware -- is able to detect a gun schematic and prevent it from printing.

What’s the Latest Development?

Create It Real, a company based in Denmark that sells components and software to 3D printer manufacturers, has developed “a firearm component detection algorithm” that, when installed, will prevent the printing of a gun. CEO Jeremie Pierre Gay says the software “works like an antivirus [program], we have a central database [where] we collect all the files that are firearms.” For now, the software only works with Create It Real hardware, and is not yet available commercially. Once it’s released, the company expects to license it to manufacturers, who will bundle it with their 3D printers.

What’s the Big Idea?

It’s a direct response to the efforts of Texas-based Defense Distributed, which has led the way in the design and development of 3D-printed firearms. Create It Real has two goals in mind: to prevent someone from printing a gun “by mistake” and to help printer manufacturers absolve themselves from possible legal liabilities. Gay says, “In Europe there are laws around manufacturing firearms—if it becomes too easy to just press print, who is responsible? That is the concern of the manufacturer. They want to get rid of this responsibility.”

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