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Brits Uneasy Over Online Reputations

More than half of British adults are so worried about their online reputation they would love to erase all they had ever posted on the Internet about themselves, a new survey shows.

What’s the Latest Development?

More than a 1000 adults were surveyed in Britain about the amount of their personal information that is publicly available online and how it could affect them personally. The researchers found that more than half of those surveyed are so concerned about their online reputation they would like to erase everything they had ever posted on the Internet about themselves. And 35% believe they could never consider a career in politics due to damaging personal material online. A quarter admit to posting a photo or personal information they wouldn’t want an employer to see.

What’s the Big Idea?

The popularity of smartphones and tablets has ushered in a culture of hyper-connectivity and constant sharing but many of us are lax about privacy despite posting more personal information online than ever before. Norton Internet security expert Sherly Seitz reminds us of what we already know but often ignore: “Once a message or an image is out there, it’s very difficult to contain or take back. In other words, think before you post.”


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