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“A family of four in the U.S. have put themselves up for sale offering to advertise companies for $2 a day.” The Telegraph reports on the self-named ‘Billboard-family’.

“In a unique marketing pitch they have offered to wear company sponsored clothing all day and will use social media such as Twitter to promote sponsors. Calling themselves ‘The Billboard Family’ they promise to travel around the US and spread the word about any company that wants to sponsor them. In a video posted on YouTube, the family introduce themselves as father Carl, mother Amy, son Layne and daughter Kaitlyn. There is also a hospital scan photo of their child that is due on December 31st. Explaining the idea to sell themselves father Carl said: ‘We are a rea family of 4 (with one on the way) who wears your company shirts all day long, taking loads of photos and videos.'”


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