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How to be a better leader: Offer guidance, not instruction

MIT's Robert Langer explains why great leadership is determined by the quality of your questions.

  • Good leadership means making your team or students feel that anything is possible, says Robert Langer, head of Langer Lab at MIT Department of Chemical Engineering.
  • Langer speaks from his life experience, which has shown him that positive reinforcement is the best way to get people to work smarter and harder.
  • Knowing the answers isn't everything; good leaders also know how to ask important questions so people can learn to think for themselves and become good question-askers in turn.

Career advice from the "Edison of Medicine"

MIT professor Robert Langer is a prolific American inventor in medicine. His advice? Don't follow the money, do meaningful work.

  • MIT professor Robert Langer is known as the "Edison of Medicine" — he holds 1,050 patents and is one of America's most prolific inventors.
  • Langers describes what a meaningful career looks like — struggles and all. "Obviously you don't want to keep banging your head against the wall forever, so I think there's some compromises you have to make."
  • His best career advice? Choose meaning over money. Langer was interviewed by 20 oil companies at the beginning of his career, and was offered lucrative jobs at each of them. He turned them all down, took a job at a children's hospital, and went on to change the future of medicine.