Facing adversity: Build grit and resilience like a Navy SEAL

Learn how to lean into difficult times and build your resilience.

Most of us have been knocked down in one way or another by this pandemic. How can we get back up? And better still, how can we thrive?

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How to lead remote teams, the Navy SEAL way

What worked in 2019 is dead, says Chris Fussell, former Navy SEAL and president of leadership consulting firm McChrystal Group.

The COVID-19 crisis has launched us headfirst into a new "normal", and the organizations that survive and thrive will be the ones that can lead their remote teams effectively. That means more than merely transitioning to Zoom meetings.

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What one Navy SEAL learned by doing Hell Week 3 times

Two questions hold the key to breaking through your limitations, says David Goggins.

  • Navy SEAL Hell Week is 130 hours of brutal training with less than 4 hours of sleep.
  • To mentally and physically persist, you need to be sure of one thing: Why you want to be there.
  • David Goggins keeps a 'mental cookie jar' of victories to overcome stress and negative self-talk.
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From 300lbs to a Navy SEAL: How to gain control of your mind and life

The countdown continues! This is the 9th most popular video of 2018 — and great fuel for starting a new year.

  • David Goggins is scary tough. He is the only person to have completed Navy SEAL training (including two Hell Weeks), Air Force tactical air controller training, and U.S. Army Ranger School.
  • Not that he was always a super soldier: Goggins once weighed 300lbs and was by his own admission lazy and undisciplined.
  • Here, Goggins explains how he transformed himself and won the war in his mind—from positive self-talk and building a 'cookie jar' of resilience, to the 40% rule, here's how you can learn to push past your own mind games.
  • You can follow David on Twitter and Instagram @davidgoggins and Facebook.
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How Navy SEAL Hell Week builds indestructible teams

It isn't easy to become a Navy SEAL. First you have to get through 18 months of training... and the appropriately named Hell Week.

Becoming a Navy SEAL isn't exactly easy. First, you have to get through 18 months of training. About a month or so into that, you have to get through Hell Week. With an 80% attrition rate, Hell Week lives up to its name. But former Navy SEAL and current business consultant Brent Gleeson will tell you that the only way to get through it is similar to how teams of any kind get through hard times: by putting the team before the individual. Brent talks with us about his experience going through training, and the moment he realized that great teamwork — both in the business world and on the battlefield — is built on trust and respect. His new book is called TakingPoint: A Navy SEAL's 10 Fail Safe Principles for Leading Through Change.