Tackling Religion

So, there's thousands and thousands of religions out there. Some are similar, others are completely different from any other. I'm a Christian - Baptist, but its hard for me to say so because I have my own views and sometimes question religions in general, including my own. For example:

God has been around for ever and ever, logically, that's completely impossible, and if he has been, it doesn't take him forever - 7000 ish years to realize he's bored and create the heavens and the earth.

 There's all these religions, but only one is true, or maybe none of them are true. What about the very first religion, if there was one. Could it be a mix of every single major religion that just kept getting mixed up and taught differently throughout the centeries as does stories and legends?

 It's just really hard for me to believe certain things... 

​There are two kinds of failure – but only one is honorable

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This is the best (and simplest) world map of religions

Both panoramic and detailed, this infographic manages to show both the size and distribution of world religions.

(c) CLO / Carrie Osgood
Strange Maps
  • At a glance, this map shows both the size and distribution of world religions.
  • See how religions mix at both national and regional level.
  • There's one country in the Americas without a Christian majority – which?
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The world's watersheds, mapped in gorgeous detail

Hungarian cartographer travels the world while mapping its treasures.

Strange Maps
  • Simple idea, stunning result: the world's watersheds in glorious colors.
  • The maps are the work of Hungarian cartographer Robert Szucs.
  • His job: to travel and map the world, one good cause at a time.
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Image source: Topical Press Agency / Getty Images
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