s/word ;what do words really mean?[get involved vote]

words are sacred are sacred/words s/words?

is the pen mightier than the sword?

not really micha
words are sacred
they have power beyond belief
think of the words [s/words]
in that the pen is mightier than sword

amelek appears to be just another word
even a nonsense or dead word ,unless we are able to understand what it means to those using the word as thier mother toungue

take the word gay [as an every day egsample]
im happy and gay [but my wife knows im not at all 'gay'in the least]
its funny looking back at that[her given names are jeanette gay]
but i know she isnt 'gay' either

but if some old person says they are feeling gay [we know they possably arnt 'really' gay either

but that is too obvious a word ,learn what a semite is
before you [figerativly speaking]can call anti-semitism
a semite is an arab ,what israel is doing to the palestrinians is true anti-semitism ,[yet the word has much power in its now common missrepresented meaning ] many could presume wrongly its what arabs do to israel]

its all how the words are presented [like your snow poem] like caters mother ,like the much vaunted and awaited 'messiah' is believed by the jewish people [the people of israel] to be the one who helps them overcome thier mortal enimies the palistuinians
[thats how they [and jesus knew he wasnt the long awaited messiah]

sharon [may peace be upon him [yet lying in his coma [for all we know]was close to being that messiah [but even him the loyalist [when he tried to make real peace with palistein ,was revealed to his own to have feet of clay]

he didnt fit what they [his own people] [whom he served as a true leader does [to bring peace to our homeland] thought [his own who think to know historiclly the true messiah to be a fighter, they [gods own favoured people ]dont under stand what a true s/word is even today [just as we failed forewver to 'get ' the true living , loving creator god

father of life [not death], god of this ever 'new'= [neo] now the know of this ever now living moment, not any god captured in book and ritual slaughter,

the [our ,y/our]living father , all living loving grace and most mercyfull eternal father of all the living[as our brother [the true son of all men [the christ spirit] revealed [when even then god the father of all life was living then in the even then living 'now [know]our beloved jesus ;who revealed the god [holy spirit] living within all living

but im drifted off topic, our amercican brothers and sisters have the biggest decision of our fathers creation to make ,armogeddon is within reach, the true [stan] of israel is to be unleashed from his pit permabnently [returning all living to return to dust] to install the father of life back into his [supposed rightfull place [in heaven] ,what use the life giver being this devided ,

there are those [dead spirits off the jinn] who serve mens freewill to subvert freewill
who seek to return god [our enjoined life;living spirit] back as one [undivided ] on his throne ,they just need to kill all living , all life [to return the clay of scull and bones back to dust]

[thinking only then that god the one [sustaining our very lives [all living]] to becomes one ]...[so unless we can come together as one to preserve this [his]infinatly divided [emmanuel=[god with us ] , by voting right [despite the seemingly limited choice]... 9if only aqmericans could know how important[not impotant] thier voteing choice is
but such is freewill
we can believe as we will
vote as we chose
chose to believe everything is nothing
that black is white
might is right
or right is wrong
it all begins [ends] with knowing the real ,intended ,realisable ,hidden, implied , inherant ,historic, purposed, true meaning hidden in the word [in every word]
but they will get it in time

vote you first world citizens
get involved
the primaries are not the end
how about a unity ticket
a war cabinet
but you dont get what those words mean
you hear peace [but see pieces]
[not you micha , the generic 'u']of u 'all]
vote'r darn it
enter into entente

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