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The New Latin American Paradigm

After an introduction intended to lower expectations over the progress towards sustainable governance, economic improvement and respect for human rights throughout Latin America, Stephen Haber writes in the Wall Street Journal about the “quiet” political and economic transformations happening for much of those Americans to the south, which shines a ray of optimism on an otherwise bleak global outlook.

Haber writes that “in Chile, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama, the Dominican Republic and, yes, Mexico — which is most decidedly not a failing state — there has been a quiet but substantial movement toward the creation of societies that are characterized by increased economic opportunity, social mobility and political democracy…these countries have undertaken a series of economic and political reforms that make them vastly different places than they were two decades ago.” Haber cites new hope for “sound macroeconomic policies that have held down inflation, opened markets and encouraged investment” as proof of this rosy projection. To read more about Latin America’s quiet revolution and how Chile is leading the way, click here.


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