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Providing Clean Water Through The Pages Of A Book

The Drinkable Book’s pages are made of filters treated with silver nanoparticles. When a filter is placed inside a special case and water poured through, it removes almost all the bacteria, making it safe to drink.

What’s the Latest Development?

DDB New York and WATERisLIFE have teamed up to produce a very special book, The Drinkable Book, that could potentially save lives in areas that have little to no access to clean water. In addition to providing safe water habits, each of the book’s 24 pages contains two paper filters that have been treated with silver nanoparticles. When a user places one filter into the case that comes with the book and pours contaminated water through it, the water that comes out is almost completely free of bacteria, making it safe to drink. 

What’s the Big Idea?

Deaths caused directly or indirectly by unsafe drinking water number in the millions every year, with the vast majority of them happening in the developing world. A video on the WATERisLIFE Web site notes that the pages are inexpensive to produce, making the system “by far the cheapest option on the market.” It’s also highly sustainable: Each filter lasts for 30 days, and one book can provide a user with clean water for up to four years.

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