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Surprising Science

New Zealand Opens U.F.O. Files

Hot on the heels of a series of international U.F.O. sighting disclosures, the New Zealand government has joined the party and made public 2,000 pages of U.F.O. eyewitness accounts.

Following public pressure, the New Zealand military agreed to open the files for scrutiny, but only if the individuals detailed in the reports could remain anonymous. The reports come from the public, military sources and pilots and the newspaper The Dominion Post is helpfully scanning and publishing the whole lot online. After a quick scan through some of the pages, there are detailed reports of flying saucers, intimate relations with alien beings and brief sightings of strange lights in the sky. Although it’s going to take a lot longer to fully digest all the material, I’ll take a wild guess and say that the reports will sound much like the UK’s recent release of 6,000 pages of U.F.O. documents.


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