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Surprising Science

New Telescope Searches the Sky for You

Stargazers, now you can have a telescope that does the heavy-lifting for you. The Celestron Cosmos 90 GT is costly ($400), but it works with your Wi-Fi to search the heavens and zero-in on stars. 

Popular Science explains: 

To align it, users point it at any three bright objects in the sky; the scope uses them to triangulate its precise location. Through an app, users then select the celestial body they want to see from Celestron’s 120,000-entry database. Motors in the base position the scope in seconds.

The telescope has an aperture of 3.5 inches, a high-power eyepiece of 91x, and lower-power eyepiece of 36x. Now your astronomy hobby just became a lot more fun and easier. 

All you need are clear skies, a telescope, and a plan. Make it a great one. “For my confirmation, I didn’t get a watch and my first pair of long […]

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