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New Device Tracks Your TV Remote…Or Your Liquor Cabinet

For people who are constantly losing the same things or for someone who wants to monitor their spouse's midnight fridge raids, there's an app based device that can track your stuff.

What’s the Latest Development?

All the time things get misplaced or go missing or, against our deepest fears, get stolen and there is little to do but search high and low. Or hope it will turn up. But now there is a device that can help you keep track of all your things around the house. Wireless Sensor Tags monitor temperature, angle and movement in real time and send alerts via e-mail, tweet or through the personalized app. Each two-inch square device can be calibrated for how sensitive it is to movement or temperature and can be set to trigger an alarm or just send an alert.

What’s the Big Idea?

While the most straightforward application of Wireless Sensor Tags is to keep track of your things, the device has an array of uses. It can tell you if your garage door is open, if your fridge is getting too warm, or if your liquor cabinet is being raided. The only catch to all of this is that the device runs off of your home’s wireless network, so if an object falls out of that range, it can’t be monitored. But if you’re paranoid about someone moving your stuff or if you are constantly losing the remote, there’s now an app for that.

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