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Fitness Bracelet to Replace Personal Trainer with Sensors, App

New fitness bracelet uses a variety of sensors to learn what type of exercise you're doing and tells you how to improve.

What’s the Latest Development?

While there are many electronic exercise tracking devices on the market, the majority can do little more than tell you what distance you’ve traveled and how many calories you’ve burned. One new device, the Amiigo, aims to do much more than that with a simple set-up of bracelet, shoe-clip, and app. What makes the Amiigo so unique is that it “can identify the type of exercise you’re doing and tell you how well you’re doing it as you’re doing it, thanks to a variety of sensors analysing how your body is responding as you run, bike, swim.”

What’s the Big Idea?

The Amiigo is much more sophisticated than other exercise tracking devices, with accelerometers, infrared sensor, and a stainless steel thermometer that learns your movements over time to maximize its utility. And while the Amiigo is currently being developed for monitoring exercise, its creators envision a wide range of possible uses in the future. From gaming to “enhanced patient care monitoring or chronic care monitoring,” the Amiigo has great potential to help people. But for now, the most it can be expected to do is help you perform the perfect pull-up or improve your breast stroke.

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