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Everything Has Its Price. So, How Much Does Exposing Our Privacy Pay?

It's a brave new world.

How much does it pay to expose anonymous users online? $1 million, according to Tor director Roger Dingledine.

I guess Vladimir Putin’s offer of $100,000 just wasn’t enough.

Dingledine said in a recent blog post that the FBI paid security researchers at Carnegie Mellon $1 million to unmask anonymous users of its Tor network. He claimed “researchers were paid by the FBI to attack hidden services users in a broad sweep, and then sift through their data to find people whom they could accuse of crimes.”

The post adds, “There is no indication yet that they had a warrant or any institutional oversight by Carnegie Mellon’s Institutional Review Board.”

Singularity University’s Brad Templeton: “They’ve turned [the internet] into the world’s greatest surveillance apparatus, a surveillance apparatus that even George Orwell probably wouldn’t have dreamed of.”


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