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Surprising Science

Chris Anderson on a Radical Price

Yesterday, Wired Editor-in-Chief and author of “Free: The Future of a Radical Price”, Chris Anderson, joined Big Think’s co-founder, Peter Hopkins, for an interview in Mountain View, CA. Anderson offered a unique perspective on the change that’s sweeping technology, media and society – the explosion of bandwidth, storage and processing power of the “network” has driven the marginal cost of transferring bits of information infinitely close to zero.

 This has upended the economics of all information based goods – from news and entertainment to consulting – placing huge downward pressures on old pricing frameworks but also creating new business models that, if properly executed, have the potential to expand revenues by better basketing goods, segmenting markets and targeting prices as well as monetizing the rich trove of data collected in the interactions with consumers. What’s more, Anderson says, these forces are poised to change the world of atoms as well, especially manufacturing. Check back for the release of the full Chris Anderson interview to get a glimpse of the economy of tomorrow.


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