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Can Technology Cure Health Care?

By organizing data related to patients’ behavior and to drug development, digital technology could eliminate that waste and preserve the public’s health more drastically than any wonder drug.

Both sides of the health care debate agree that the current system is rife with waste. Could a digital infrastructure solve the problem? “The technology for that transformation is already here, said Jonathan Richman, director of social media at the marketing agency Possible Worldwide and author of the health care blog Dose of Digital. Speaking March 13 at the South by Southwest music, film and interactive technology conference here, Richman detailed how smart data analysis could perform the seemingly contradictory tasks of improving patient health and improving the profits of pharma and insurance companies.”

This essay describes a model for urban development that takes into account and makes use of the externalities that exist in the built environment. Buildings and the people that inhabitat them makes neighborhoods and vice versa the value of a building is in its locations. How can better frame this relationship between an object and its environment? How can develop strategies for a integral area development that learn from the best global examples?

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