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LEGO builds life-size, drivable Bugatti Chiron. Watch it go!

LEGO folks built an actual, full-sized replica of the Bugatti Chiron—and drove it. What’s next, a Mars rover?
LEGO Bugatti. (Credit: LEGO)

In case you’re not up on the latest LEGO Technic sets, which feature interconnecting rods, axles, gears, motors, and more, here’s a little teaser put out by the company to get more people interested in both the Technic sets and the Italian Grand Prix, which happens this weekend

Actual versus LEGO replica. (Image via LEGO)

It took a little under 13,500 people-hours, but these folks built an actual, full-sized replica of the Bugatti Chiron—and drove it. Fun fact: It tops out at 19 miles/hr, since over 2,000 Lego Power Function motors are included, and they deliver a max of 5.3 horsepower. 

Finally, after one million pieces were put into this thing, it was finished. 

Image via LEGO

To be fair, it wasn’t entirely LEGO pieces; there’s a steel frame, some batteries, 3d-printed gears, and Bugatti tires. 

Image via LEGO

It also includes:

  • Detachable steering wheel
  • Doors that actually open and close (!)
  • A spoiler that, at the push of a button, lifts and lowers. 
  • A control panel to toggle all the lights and electronics
  • A functional speedometer, which is also built out of Technic pieces

It’s well outside the budget of most of us mere mortals; the motors alone would be over $70,000. 

But it’s a shining example of what’s possible with these new LEGO building blocks. 

Since Curiosity looks like it might be down for the count after the Mars dust storms, perhaps this is a way to replace it?

Watch the LEGO Bugatti drive here (and no, that guy didn’t really need a racing helmet): 


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