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Surprising Science

Big Bang’s Big Moment

Today is a historical day in science. One day you may be asked: Where were you when you learned of the Big Bang’s smoking gun?

To understand the science of this historical discovery, watch this video from our friends at This is Genius.

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In honor of today’s exciting announcement, here’s a round-up of some of Big Think‘s Big Bang coverage:

1) Big Think‘s Michio Kaku answers “What put the ‘bang’ in the Big Bang?”

2) Katie Freese, professor of physics at the University of Michigan, explains what came before the Big Bang.

3) Maybe we should change the name of the theory? Kaku on why “Big Bang” is a misnomer.

4) What did the Big Bang sound like? University of Washington physicist John Cramer provides a recording that may provide clues.

5) What’s love got to do with the Big Bang Theory? Big Think’s Pamela Haag applies it to mate selection.


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