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Apple will produce ten million tablet computers says a former Apple employee and former president of Google China.

“Today’s Apple tabletrumor has an optimistic zing to it–and maybe that’s a great way to close out a dreary 2009. According to a blog post by former Google China president Kai-Fu Lee, Apple plans to produce nearly 10 million tablets in the still-unannounced product’s first year. Lee worked for Apple more than ten years ago and left Google earlier this year, according to published reports. That figure–10 million–seems awfully high for a consumer product that’s charting unknown territory. The tablet (or iSlate or iPad, if you prefer) would target an untapped market, if rumors of the device’s form and functionality are true. True, a few tablet-style browser/media players are either already on the market or are arriving shortly, but none has garnered anywhere near the attention of the Apple tablet.”


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