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Haute Cuisine Goes Digital, Fomenting a Culinary Revolution

Ferran Adria, head chef of the El Bulli restaurant, surprised the culinary world by closing down his establishment at the height of its popularity. Now Adria is back with a new idea.

What’s the Latest Development?

The head chef of El Bulli, a restaurant that carried the title of world’s best for five consecutive years, has launched a new digital effort to bring haute cuisine into the postmodern age. In order to continue culinary innovation, Ferran Adria hopes to digitally connect chefs from all over the globe: “It is my belief that harnessing technology is the only way that cuisine will continue to evolve,” said Adria. “That is why I launched the El Bulli Foundation, a centre of innovation allied with digital technology that has its roots in creativity and learning.”

What’s the Big Idea?

Adria surprised the culinary world when he decided to close down his restaurant at the height of its popularity, but his new venture has brought the chef back into the public eye. “La Bullipedia will be an online, curated database that will one day contain every piece of gastronomic knowledge. More than that though, it will connect cooks and chefs with ideas and data that would have previously taken them years to discover.” Once a culinary database is established, Andria intends to connect it to other disciplines, uniting food with topics like design and architecture. 

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