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10 Ways Your Mind Plays Tricks on You

The mind seeks out patterns, and this can lead to some tricky mind games…played by your own mind, on you. This could happen when a song gets stuck in your head, and the only lyric you know keeps playing over and over again in your mind, and you can’t get it out. You’re even making up lyrics for the words you don’t know in the song. When a catchy tune gets stuck in your head, it’s called an earworm, and researchers have a few theories on how they come to torment us, especially when that song is a commercial jingle you’d rather forget. 

To check out 10 ways your mind plays tricks on you, including letting you succumb to the almighty earworm, watch this video: 

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      Image credit: ra2studio/Shutterstock

Telling the stories of our lives, weaving dreams of lives we wish we had, and bringing back memories in a rush, music is a powerful force. We, as consumers, are primarily concerned with the application of the lyrics to our lives and danceability of the track.

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